kitchen garden

but look at this kitchen it is a nursery of plants all the little butter-tubs we saved for a year are filled with seed on the ledge of the window that oversees the garden beds we are reclaiming from lawn aubergine and tomato capsicum and corn cucumbers climbing beans zucchini and squash we have pumpkins … Continue reading kitchen garden

let the runners run

the cucurbits are away at last pumpkins have spread outside their circle the white squash has raised a yellow flower but trails behind corgette which sends fruit out ahead and puts a flower on top a little Carmen Miranda at last the cucumber looks like it might get serious it considered for awhile if it … Continue reading let the runners run

communion of the spirit

    by stealth it is becoming akin to a spiritual obligation the execution of which is driven by an emerging need kneeling in the fading dusk he is creating holes in new-turned soil with a finger or a thumb inserting a slender seedling into each hole as he makes them firming the dirt around … Continue reading communion of the spirit