day release lotto

I saw him sitting on the post office step day release from the nursing home escape is three times around the block in his trusty old steed the silver mazda waiting for a disabled person parking bay to become available within gasping distance of the lotto shop where it's a quick-pick ticket that is sure … Continue reading day release lotto

a visit home

he wheezes a first outing into uncontrolled air and it exhausts him completely as though he has been laboring for hours his breath hoarsely stertorous verging on distressed he looks around everywhere the familiar home of fifty years is more than halfway to seeming a stranger his first beer after a week of hospitalization taken … Continue reading a visit home

shopping (every day)

every day he goes shopping in the afternoon he can’t go in the morning it takes a long time to wake up these days the burden of a shower is an exhaustion that lasts beyond the towel beyond a shave beyond the donning of a singlet and putting on his outdoor shorts he’ll lean awhile … Continue reading shopping (every day)