A Lake Sambell Walk – pre-release

A LAke Sambell Walk cover image - 06/10/2021 I've re-done this little collection in both book form and digital about a dozen times - photos and all. I am finally satisfied that itis ok, for a little wander around the lake. I'm experimenting with ways to deliver the digital version, and have uploaded it to … Continue reading A Lake Sambell Walk – pre-release

Poetry Treasures – Blog Tour

The WordCrafter’s “Poetry Treasures” anthology is having a blog tour. I am fortunate to have some work included alongside some truly wonderful poets. Poetry Treasures promo 25/05/2021 If you'd like to check out what's happening with the blog tour, pop over to Kay Lynne Booth's Writing To be Read blog.

How goes the last tranche?

I find that I've slowed down a little with this, the last tranche of my Archives project. It amused to take a screenshot of the task: What lies ahead - Archives 2020 5 Archive books to bring the collections to 2020Lagoon is poetry from 2006 focusing on stories from the Millennium drought here in Australia … Continue reading How goes the last tranche?

Sunday Book Review – Pebbles to Poems by Frank Prem

Thank you, D. G. Kaye (Debby) for a wonderful Sunday Book review of Pebbles to Poems. Also, a reminder that this collection is available free at the moment, at Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1036381 Just apply the coupon that is listed on the page. Sunday Book Review – Pebbles to Poems by Frank Prem