what day is this

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg the day is not long but my boredom makes it longer impatient I with the this and the that of my lot I cannot bear to bother and time drags on me the day is not short but my excitement makes the minutes heighten and before I know hours have flown the day is … Continue reading what day is this

waiting westerly

the wind raises its intensity before a change that's full of weather I am lying in the darkness waiting for the rain the stars I watch through a window are swallowed by slow cloud and leave nothing but the restlessness of leaves like me they are waiting the weather westerly © Frank Prem, 2017 April 2017 Poem … Continue reading waiting westerly

turn my coffee

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg if I want my coffee to love me if I want my coffee to hold me my coffee to please me to make my life be easy I’ve got to turn my coffee on ~ I don’t want my coffee bitter, Joe I don’t want my coffee too black no (oh no no) my … Continue reading turn my coffee

dark substance

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg there is a sleep that comes as nighttime weaves around you patterns moving speckled light against the black shadow substance tears away before your hands if you reach to touch it wraps inside the dream a still-shaped form of you patterns move the play unfolds contorted situations show as real but it’s only nighttime … Continue reading dark substance

victory (over hornets)

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg I will take courage in my hand and I will weave it into an armour to drape across my shoulders and to cover arms and legs I will take the earnest of my endeavour and I will beat until it fits my head a helmet through which to see my goal I will be … Continue reading victory (over hornets)

pretty day

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg what a day what a pretty day the sun is gleaming everything the ash is in the fire-pit where we sat last night I drank my toast to you and you to me now I raise my cup of memory again what a pretty day © Frank Prem, 2017 April 2017 Poem #19: between two … Continue reading pretty day


and I am cherishing soft sounds of traffic on the road bright sheen of sunlight reflecting from the plum tree into my eyes the magpie song the autumn lushness of vegetables not yet turned by season change by cold and frost from verdant green the stillness of air and light hovering breath withheld above the … Continue reading cherishing