The Day Craft – on air broadcast

I'm delighted to share that my spoken word recording of The Day Craft has been broadcast by Antipodean SF. Th. e poem comes in at around the 3 minute mark, but do have a listen to the reading by Eugen M. Bacon, as well. Hope you enjoy the poem and my thanks to Ion and … Continue reading The Day Craft – on air broadcast

Top 5 – Mythologically inspired poems

Concluding the  retrospective posts, I had in mind to showcase a few poems from the Drought/Lagoon collection. When I came to look at it, however, I found it troubling reading (again) and I found I didn't wish to focus on a set that was quite so grim, especially immediately after the Surviving the Devil set yesterday. … Continue reading Top 5 – Mythologically inspired poems

through passion (hey!)

the world was built from passion the dancers rose up out of the centre red-sheathed and entwined emerging smooth from the living orange to swirl around each other blended in motion ta-ra-ta-ta tara-ta-tata-ta-ta ta-ra-ta-ta he bent her backwards her hair fell low in it’s wake a forest ta-a-ra-ta-ta they kicked out together and where their … Continue reading through passion (hey!)

goodnight, my western sky

A Poem a Day in September #10 every evening the sun speaks to the western sky goodnight goodnight dear host I will leave you colour I will paint you red I will gleam in yellow I will take the shading away you brilliant in white before you fade to sleep beneath the pinpoint stars then tomorrow … Continue reading goodnight, my western sky

A Long Night to Sunrise

Listen to Frank read A Long Night to Sunrise  recorded on SoundCloud. a man is seated at the table in a small house behind the sun he is old fingers gnarled but he grasps tight the cogs in his stiff bony hands and adjusts the links in a length of chain sings underneath his breath to … Continue reading A Long Night to Sunrise