in the rehearsal room

in the corner of the room she's set up a kind of mobile stage with a keyboard and a microphone song passages on a music stand the foot pedal below waiting for a touch the black-vinyl chair is almost ready to sing now and all that's needed is ... no there it is now just … Continue reading in the rehearsal room

ka-zoo-da-loo song

darling bought me a kazoo rooty-tooty-too I played it this morning I can play it just as well in my sleep reep-ti-teep-ti-teep music isn’t lonely work it’s meant to share and I do I’m playing up a storm tonight come on you can too too-tootle-oo me and you and two goo-goo-ga-zoo me and you and … Continue reading ka-zoo-da-loo song

a west side story – Wagga in the park

I feel pretty oh so pretty … the Army is out Sergeant Major is a one-man baton charge backed by brass by wind and by reed Maria is in love and the Army plays sharps not a gang but close the Air Force can play the Jets tonight tonight … I think I can hear … Continue reading a west side story – Wagga in the park

Brassy Slow Time (Will You Dance?)

Hey, what's that sound I hear? I'd like to know. Somebody playing brass ... keeping way down low. It's dark and on the floor ... couples dancing slow, while I ... I am slowly swaying and I ... can hear the music saying: Go and get somebody, anybody who can hold you on the floor … Continue reading Brassy Slow Time (Will You Dance?)


it's a big big note explodes across the mutter of audience striking them the so recognisable guitar envelopes and quiets speaks five notes the keyboard almost a whisper against that powerful opening sound then again the guitar those five notes the audience is hushed reverent the spotlight focuses on the guitar not the man five … Continue reading concert

a touch from a dancer

the music is the ponderous jaunty slow-time of a carnival organ a pair of bears upright dance in a small arena of children parents two shuffled paces then each raises a hind-leg leans forward touches paws with the other cheek-to-cheek and mouths open turn their faces to the audience half-skirt and flower hat yellow baggy … Continue reading a touch from a dancer