(PAD 34) less

and the dayleaches life breathfollowedby breath I start outalivebutI endsomething that’s a little bitless and as the sundisappearswith the lastof the light I find myselfwonderingof tomorrowand strengthand the needI feelto go on it’s a cycleturned strangelyto beat the lifeoutfrom yourself but at this timein this kindof a dayI no longercare I can no longercare less … Continue reading (PAD 34) less

way poem #5: the five steps to wheaten pecks

he progresses five steps at a time to reach a wall a fence that he can lean on air that tastes so sweet is hard these days to come by a moment of rest till the gasps calm down to regular breathing then five steps more and five steps more again it’s important to keep … Continue reading way poem #5: the five steps to wheaten pecks