my best shot (settle down)

my best shot (settle down) - manga drawing 10/07/2022 of course i knowwhat ails us all my eyes seethroughmy glasses I am nota doctornobut what I knowisthe whole world needrestraining retraining the whole worldneedsto settle down I will fireinto the airmy best shot firea warning carepointedto the sky my best shot so settle down justsettle … Continue reading my best shot (settle down)

meditations (always ready)

meditations (always ready) - manga drawing 10/07/2022 the worldisan uncalm place meditationsare . . . unsure the atmospheredisturbed battles ragedespitethe wishesof the heart one must be . . . ready always ready ~ With thanks to Mathew Lin. I thought I better attempt a male figure (I missed that part of the workshop, but Mathew … Continue reading meditations (always ready)

nameless (is the warrior woman)

nameless (is the warrior woman) - manga drawing 09/07/2022 her name is . . . I cannot tell you nameshold powerand shehas all the powershe can hold warrior fearless one save the world save me and save the wholeof ussave us allsmiling ~ I had the very great pleasure of attending a manga drawing workshop … Continue reading nameless (is the warrior woman)