surprise (a big surprise)

some prefer to swim in water others much prefer to fly me I have ever been a walker I stretch out my legs take a stride keep my eyes fixed low toward the ground and I keep my eyes open wide at the first sign of worm I will be right there air-walking as quiet … Continue reading surprise (a big surprise)


name song

stunned I heard the magpie call my name wordled from the endless sky wordled from the golden sun wordled in the breeze passing by with a touch yes stunned I was my name was the blue my name was the golden sun my name was the wind   wordled like a song a melody a … Continue reading name song

evolving without a picture

I could take a picture of the transformation of the tree the way the bag has ragged itself the way nature acclimatizes while continuing to change for in the tree a bird shape is perched up high on the very topmost branch it’s so nice to see a bird shape where before was only branches … Continue reading evolving without a picture

The Churchill Avenue Push

take notice that this avenue is closed to low level flight from first chortle to the call at sundown the road between the corner and the bend is off limits the gang is in control and "the push" doesn't take lightly to rule breakers or any casual passing by fence scouts are posted each end … Continue reading The Churchill Avenue Push