to make a mage #3

#3: transformation and there will bea transformation as a boyto a man man to mage and yesinto a birdto fly underneath the heartof a stormof chaos and cloud stark whitethe gullin a ray of sunlight or nono the majestyof eagle speckcirclingthe wide blue sky current warmvortex highhigh and higher air rifflinga feathered being this is … Continue reading to make a mage #3

an alchemists garden

the climbing beans have found the wood and wire frame we placed above them from tendrils vaguely waving to the grip of a warm embrace in the space of a turn-your-head today and the parallel conversion of tentative into certain is what an apothecary might conceive in his alchemical heart green climbing beans and gold … Continue reading an alchemists garden

communion of the spirit

    by stealth it is becoming akin to a spiritual obligation the execution of which is driven by an emerging need kneeling in the fading dusk he is creating holes in new-turned soil with a finger or a thumb inserting a slender seedling into each hole as he makes them firming the dirt around … Continue reading communion of the spirit