(PAD #025) today is (a coffee morning)

I spoon the beans I crush them the twirlingof the grinderspins me round wait . . .wait . . . I waituntil the percolatorgrumbles hisses and roarsat me coffeecoffee morning anxiety . . .desire . . . I am high coffeecoffee morning my mind has goneinto overdrive every questionis awhy because it is my coffeecoffee … Continue reading (PAD #025) today is (a coffee morning)

Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!

Well, my dear friends, it seems I've managed three years of incessant poetry blogging here at WordPress. I thank them for letting me know. I thank you for reading them (some, if not all LOL!) 2,734 posts (counting this one). Mostly individual poems. 11,954 comments (thank you one and all for being willing to comment … Continue reading Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!

untitled – c

this is a story about companionship in the mornings when I rise I pace the floor noting shadows and silences that watch my movements neither guardians nor sentinels their significance eludes me on the patio I can lean against a fence that forms a boundary between myself and the garden bed unkempt through my neglectful … Continue reading untitled – c

attraction (by the bottle)

but that's the thing about attraction isn't it it's not like two magnets one minute you're chatting away good friends no complications the next a look in the eyes a change in the air something happens look around you nothing to see that's different look at her and it's awkward try to resist and it … Continue reading attraction (by the bottle)