The Cielonaut. A full draft!

Well, this is today's news. A full draft of The Cielonaut - a cover, an introduction, the body (including greyscale images of the cosmos), and back matter is done. This always feels like such a big moment, that I want to hold the book in my hands immediately. That won't happen, though. I'll hold off … Continue reading The Cielonaut. A full draft!

a scream (no, it was nothing really)

he walked outsideto the centreof the road a long streetrunningfor a milefrom top to bottom usuallya busy one trucks and cars tankers divertingto avoid the heartof the town log trucksladenwith saw-logs of radiata tradies zooming around people walking his eyesseemed a littleun-focussed seeing somethingbutnot around here not anywherenearby and not close enoughto noticehe was wearing … Continue reading a scream (no, it was nothing really)