the lizard saurs

the lizards are out the first skinks of spring are exploring the covered patio circling discovering the dimensions becoming aware of surfaces boundaries obstacles each other they come forward at a rapid clip to meet nose to nose then a flick a twist one is off run-slithering away sliding around a corner airborne in his … Continue reading the lizard saurs

on the move with Zorro

Zorro the young blue is on the move slow swimming through the long grass tongue whipping the air to test for safety he has snuck around a corner sidled beside a wall to hide behind a handy gumboot there to test the air again then he’s away sedately lizard waddle away away to parts that … Continue reading on the move with Zorro

an unsuccessful journey towards the promised land

all right all right the leader said all those of you who do not know the way make a line make a line there make a line come up close come up close come up closer take a tail in your mouth but do not bite it I said a tail in your mouth but … Continue reading an unsuccessful journey towards the promised land

prince little blue

shine shine little blue sunlight bright your scales slow blink the day is passing your daddy owns the drain mama is in the woodpile shine bright little blue warm now are your dark stripes you prince of broken bricks bake now upon their ridge-lines a rubble mountain to recline on with pride here could be your domain shine … Continue reading prince little blue