silent house

the silence in the house is stern and intimidating like a punishment administered in absentia I have paced the rooms to search for you but there is no sign or trace only the stuttering of the refrigerator motor and imagined echoes rising from with the tread off my bare feet on the carpet my head … Continue reading silent house

no sheriff day

I could not call the sheriff he would not come there is no crime more it’s just a feeling of something wrong sometimes a threat to me sometimes an outrage sometimes as though it’s my fault as though it’s me in any case I’m on my own me and my dangers me and my fears … Continue reading no sheriff day

the old man’s stock take

he called it taking stock sitting in the sun in the shade beneath the veranda awning when It rained considering the garden and the green grass counting the bees white butterflies bugs rising on transparent wings with the sun shining through a tiny halo of light around each the wind at play through washing hung … Continue reading the old man’s stock take

the spread

the modern house is laid out in a sensible design pattern for example the entry fronts the kitchen where food preparation is a pleasure on imported italian benches designer stove and cupboards the dishwasher is active but is silent while adjoining is a dining room round table and four chairs for cozy little gatherings or … Continue reading the spread

expression of interest sought (apply within)

wanted is a woman's touch in a place that's showing signs of falling into age and disrepair certain rooms are in need of dusting and a tidy-up to make them shine again the fluttery of subtle webs in each suggested breeze is unattractive indicating that too long has passed without an intervention and requiring remedial … Continue reading expression of interest sought (apply within)