Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

When I last wrote, I think I was updating progress toward getting a Jazz Baby book together so that I could make some progress on a presentation. A bit of a whinge about how hard it all was, I think. I'm well pleased today, however. As things stand, a book 'Ida: Searching for The Jazz … Continue reading Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

Progress in my Ukraine poetry and picture poetry collections and endeavours

It's been a little nuts around Frank-ville, working intensely on a number of different book projects at the same time, so it comes as a great relief to reach a point where there is something tangible to see for the effort. I'm at the stage where I have more or less completed work on the … Continue reading Progress in my Ukraine poetry and picture poetry collections and endeavours

Publication on Spillwords! (The Truth of Time poem)

Lovely, lovely! I've received confirmation this morning that Spillwords are going to publish my poem - the truth of time (as revealed by the pictures) is to be published, with an attached mp3 audio recording - on the 11th May, 2022 at 3am Eastern Time. I think that is about 5pm on the 11th in … Continue reading Publication on Spillwords! (The Truth of Time poem)

lucky (are you)

April 11: Residents stand atop a Russian tank damaged in fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Evgeniy Maloletka/AP look at me lookat me stare downthis are you feelinglucky are youreallyfeeling lucky ~ Week 7: Grace Widyatmadja, Marco Storel, ‘Photos: 10 million displaced as eastern Ukraine braces for … Continue reading lucky (are you)

the kitchen is . . . (the storm breaks)

March 21: Iryna Miroshnychenko cooks in the basement of a residential building in Kyiv, where residents shelter from Russian airstrikes and shelling. the kitchenisthe bedroomisthe basementis . . . home it is allthat ishome and shelterwhile the storm breaksjustup above ~ Week 4 -Virginia Lozano, Marco Storel, ‘Photos: Fighting near Kyiv intensifies, as many are … Continue reading the kitchen is . . . (the storm breaks)

a cup of insanity (at the mykolaiv lunatic asylum)

March 22: Debris from a mental hospital hit by Russian shelling in Mykolaiv. The city is a key obstacle for Russian forces trying to move west from Crimea to take Odessa, Ukraine's major port on the Black Sea.Bulent Kilic/AFP via Getty Images would you likea cupof mykolaiv tea we couldsipoutin the yard you and Ion … Continue reading a cup of insanity (at the mykolaiv lunatic asylum)

among the pushers (and perambulators)

March 13: A Ukrainian serviceman walks carefully with his weapon in the city of Irpin. Russian forces advance ever closer to the capital from the north, west and northeast. Russian strikes also destroy an airport in the town of Vasylkiv, south of Kyiv. Aris Messinis/AFP via Getty Images patrollingthe pushersand perambulators stealthingamong the babies anywhereeverywhereis … Continue reading among the pushers (and perambulators)

from odesa to kyiv the little world (is shrinking)

picture it is a camp beddingand baggage tramp people pillarsto mark outdomiciles clear-pathsdown the centre aisle amenitieslost in the distance trainson either side it is the kharkivsubway picture for a long timeI cannot seethe cat with the blueof a railway carriage with the purple hueof a suitcase it is –I think –part-cheshire picture a mansitsright … Continue reading from odesa to kyiv the little world (is shrinking)

a canto a canto (a canto for the ukraine)

cantocantocanto mariupolhas died cantocantocanto burnedwhilestill alive cantocantocanto missilesin the night cantocantocanto praying praying prayingfor the light ~ kirill iliya a little girlunnamed a woman –a body –with her anklestiedtogetheras neatlyanyone can dofor the deadin a time like this . . . what kindof timeis this . . . a tarpaulinis a shapethat is a body … Continue reading a canto a canto (a canto for the ukraine)