confused (yet right)

patricia it’s a lovely namefor a girl little pat and her grandmaloves herthough leslie thinksmaybeshe loves hertoo much they don’t get onso wellmy motherand leslie but he dotes . . .just doteson little pat sometimeswhen I look aroundand don’t reallyknowwho I amor whatorhow I came to behere I see little patand thinkI must have donesomethingright … Continue reading confused (yet right)

jobbing dancing (moving free)

schoolwas never any goodfor me I had to leave sowhen I was stillfifteenI left I workedthenat mrs palotta’smillinery shopin the centreway that wasmy first jobandI was learning thingsthat were important hatsare important and mrs palottaand the staff . . . they werewonderful I thought they werethe most important peoplein the world my friend there –the … Continue reading jobbing dancing (moving free)

they wear out their tires (then let me go)

it is strangeto read aboutmyself. . .in the newspapers I try notto look fir anyof theirattentions but leslieis a little bitfamous and I suppose they thinkthat writingabout meis a wayof writingabout himtoo they arrested meoncewhen I was just lookinginto a shop window at the dressesand clothes that was detectivemadin he had alreadyworn outa set of … Continue reading they wear out their tires (then let me go)

there is always the gramophone (I’ll show you)

I can’t reallysayhow it happened wejust metandsuited each othersomehow it wasat the palaiswhen I was dancingand I stillloveto dancewhenever lesliewill take me if I get to chooseit will bea dance hall or the pictures in the eveningif we don’t go outthere is alwaysthe gramophone hereI’ll show itto you ~

I’m ida (who are you)

Ida Pender 06/03/1922 (Jazz Baby collection 27/06/2021) ohI’m just a girlfrom elsternwick I was bornnear there -in brighton -soI haven’t moved aroundvery much I learned to dancewith miss lilliasandshe would have us allperformin publicto a performance listthat we practiced some of the girlssangbut I was alwaysmore interestedin moving aroundand feelinglike I was free when I … Continue reading I’m ida (who are you)

meet leslie (we’re in the papers)

Squizzy Taylor from The Sun News Pictorial 22/09/1922 hello meet leslie it is truehe is smallish manof only fivefeet two so what andit’s truethey saythat he is badinall kinds of ways so what so whatwhyshould I care he dresses wellandbuys me thingsand . . . andhe takes medancing sometimesit isa dangerous lifebutthe coppersdon’t know(anything) and … Continue reading meet leslie (we’re in the papers)

as important (as an excellent lunch)

the mostimportantthing how to judgeamong the thisand the thatis acomplicatedtask when you areyoung alwaysmy mama’s babe always everybody’sbabe but alwaysmore grown upthan anyonecan tell anyone believe watch watch me preparean excellent lunchsimplyan excellent lunch just asa woman must do and leslie doesn’t likemegoing outtoo muchfor he thinks me too youngbut . . . when I … Continue reading as important (as an excellent lunch)