in an instant

he reached out a hand stopped an instant right in its tracks turned it over turned it round peered closely saw strength he saw love he saw sadness joy and tears he saw the future now he saw the now just past an instant of all he was he was he might be gone released … Continue reading in an instant

the chore rebuilt

every minute he’d forget every second he remembered he would never know but would attempt to reconstruct the who that he was by the who he had been in different moments a swirling chronology of himself built up again and up again only staying true for the time it took to build again and new … Continue reading the chore rebuilt


I dreamed a constellationin my headI arranged each pinof brightnessjust sothe horsethe wolfthe shapethat matches the outlineof my heartwith every beata new frieze arisenand I dreamedthat I containedall the thingsthey werewhat need for meto gaze upto the sky at nightwhen Icarry all the stars~Poem #471 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and … Continue reading pinpointed

uncompressed and all included

he held in his hand an instant of time held it gentle firm carefully twirling spinning tugging from both ends he uncompressed slow coaxing long wide he put the stars inside the sun and the moon put love within inserted tedium as well in he went with the feelings that come and go like that … Continue reading uncompressed and all included