Squaring The Circle exhibition – Leanne Murphy

Leanne Murphy Art and Picture Framing is having a solo exhibition at the Library in Beechworth.   Leanne describes the exhibit in this way: It explores ideas of time, migration and storytelling within three generations of a migrant family settled here in the 1950s (one of them being my dear hubby, poet and author Frank … Continue reading Squaring The Circle exhibition – Leanne Murphy

one more chances

Kad ti ne"sto tako dojde Frenki, nemoj "cekat, sinko moj, samo nemoj ti "cekat. Frenk, when I was young man, I think I tell you this before, tsure, the girls, they always like me too much. I am beautiful young man, them days, very handso, you know? I walk all time like man who own … Continue reading one more chances

Welcome to Beechworth

Hello and welcome to my hometown of Beechworth in north-east Victoria, where we nestle in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, within easy reach of snow and skiing. The north-east is awash with pretty and charming small towns and interesting villages, but Beechworth is a special place. It sits in the centre of an historical golden … Continue reading Welcome to Beechworth

telephone dumplings

mutti said Frenk you should be here I'm making k-nedl-e do you remember what they are dumplings for putting into chicken supa sounds good ma but what I always remember from when I was a kid is shoof-nudl-e the yellow doughy-pastry that you used to make into long thin ropes by rolling it backwards and … Continue reading telephone dumplings

materinski jezik – the mother tongue

Frenk, tell me, why you not use you mother language some more, hmmm? You speak Australski, yes, but this is not you mother tongue. You mother tongue is Hrvatski, you call him Croatia, no? That is language you was born with and you papa and mama speak him. Why you no speak him more? Why … Continue reading materinski jezik – the mother tongue