Sunday Book Review – Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby #freeversepoetry

Thank you D.G Kaye (Debby) for a wonderful review of ‘Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby’.

She was a character who set fire to my imagination and I’m so glad Debby enjoyed her story, as well.

I encourage readers to pop over to read the review and check some of Debby’s writing and other activities, as she is an excellent writer and blogger in her own right.

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing Frank Prem’s new release – Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby. In this story of historical fiction written in free verse poetry, Frank touches on the life of Ida Pender, aka Jazz Baby, and her wild lifestyle in the 1920s. Complete with newspaper clippings and stories to accompany.



Who is Ida Pender? Is she the elderly woman – Ida-Spider – rumoured to be resident in a 1970’s Mental Asylum?

Is she Squizzy Taylor’s teenaged gangster moll of the roaring 1920’s in Melbourne? The woman the police declared had shapely legs? She is Ida. The Jazz Baby.

Frank Prem explores the story of Ida Pender, largely forgotten now, but once the notorious associate of a 1920s Melbourne gnagster. From the young girl sneaking out of her bedroom window to go dancing at the Palais de Danse, companion, accomplice, then wife…

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Ida – up for pre-order.

Well, that job is done! A few late changes and (hopefully) minor issues - including a cover change (thank you Andrea) - and a lot of shilly-shallying, but Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby is listed for pre-order through Amazon, Draft2Digital and Smashwords, and via the online retailers of paper edition books. I've set the … Continue reading Ida – up for pre-order.

Ida Cometh! Release date set.

I have finally stopped procrastinating and decided to set a relelase date for Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby. The paperback edition will be released on January 13th, 2023. Th edigital edition I haven't finalised yet. I'm not absolutely convinced the images are staying where I tell them to. Did I show you the cover? … Continue reading Ida Cometh! Release date set.

Ida – a little fun and revelation.

Ida! Cover Extract from Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby - 17/08/2022 It's been a job, but I am assuring and reassuring myself that I have just uploaded the very last text revision before I hold a copy of the book in my hands. Hopefully, I can order a couple of proof copies of Ida: … Continue reading Ida – a little fun and revelation.

Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

When I last wrote, I think I was updating progress toward getting a Jazz Baby book together so that I could make some progress on a presentation. A bit of a whinge about how hard it all was, I think. I'm well pleased today, however. As things stand, a book 'Ida: Searching for The Jazz … Continue reading Preparing presentations! Events move quickly.

The Jazz Baby progresses

I make life difficult for myself. I've reported previously that my submission to present papers at 2 conferences in different cities in th esame week were both accepted. The subject for one was the Ukraine war and the place of poetry in translating the unthinkable, while for the other it was my 'discovery' of Ida … Continue reading The Jazz Baby progresses

Stories from the Crevice Communities symposium 2022

I'm having a big week! For several months now I have been a member of a group called Creative Practice Circle, which is a creative practice research group hosted by Charles Sturt University in Wagga, New South Wales. A year or so back they held a virtual symposium, which I was able to contribute an … Continue reading Stories from the Crevice Communities symposium 2022

confused (yet right)

patricia it’s a lovely namefor a girl little pat and her grandmaloves herthough leslie thinksmaybeshe loves hertoo much they don’t get onso wellmy motherand leslie but he dotes . . .just doteson little pat sometimeswhen I look aroundand don’t reallyknowwho I amor whatorhow I came to behere I see little patand thinkI must have donesomethingright … Continue reading confused (yet right)