They Just Disappear — This, That, and The Other

I'm a bit of a chook and forgot to post the link to Fandangos post. I've added it in, now. Thoughtful words from Fandango, that I can only endorse and second.

Vale Hélène Vaillant

It was with great sadness that I received news that Hélène Vaillant passed away yesterday evening (Canadian time). I am advised that she was peaceful and beautiful, I have extended condolences to her family. ~

Re: Hélène Vaillant

I have been asked to pass on some sad news regarding our good blogging friend Hélène Vaillant. The message is self explanatory and comes from Hélène's sister Anne. If you are aware of places and people that should be made aware of this sad development, please do so. Greetings Frank, I am Anne G..., Hélène’s … Continue reading Re: Hélène Vaillant