running (before a rustling wind)

there is a wind that blows hot in the middle of the night prickles my skin to a millimeter deep then bakes it rustle my venetian blind is restless at the thought of fire if I turn out the light in this oven I become a sauna sweat forms in beads in little salty dreams on … Continue reading running (before a rustling wind)

blue dry blues

I don’tlike this day I don’t like the weather heat coming down like boulder stones making me flag blue is irrepressible but it’s bringing me down the heat’s too hot it’s too shimmer it’s too dry it’s too blue - dry and too blue – down and blue butterflies keep on fluttering they catch thermal … Continue reading blue dry blues

damascus in a heatwave

I was going to take a walk then I thought maybe a book somehow I find I'm here instead it's hard to settle down there's nothing that appeals I squirm to avoid oppression and the indecisive day goes by blistering whatever risks exposure until a darkened room is all that’s left a darkened room and … Continue reading damascus in a heatwave