bobble glass (cleaned at last)

two times I felttodaythe presencefrom the past clearingfrom the pantry rooma wooden pastry board a metre squareI recall ithookedby a purposeful edgeto holdfixed in placewhile strong armskneaded biscuits rolledwith jam caught upinsideho from the oven I remember and another momentwith a sense of . . . everywhereas I washed knick-knacksbefore their assignmentto an opportunity shop … Continue reading bobble glass (cleaned at last)

(PAD #036) ghostly (will the clothes line) dance

ghostsare restlessI can see them move outside the clothes lineis dancing back and forwardone-two-three droplets falldownfrom around the wooden pegs whichthemselvesdon’t deign to move the twirl is happeningbut it has to bearound them in the middleof last night I hearda moan a sigh I knowthat’s how the windspeakswhen it is drifting past but it soundedlike … Continue reading (PAD #036) ghostly (will the clothes line) dance

with ghosts

I went to sleep with ghosts last night some dead some still living conundra whispered softly the why and what of long ago anew as though right now again again in my mind they whirl around spinning dervish-like memories spreading wise as skirts mid-spin fling them one another all the rest away that I might … Continue reading with ghosts