from storyland (final)

I have had in mind, for a little while now, that 600 poems from the Bachelard inspired sets of poetry might be time to stop posting. There are more, but some sets have run out. Others, such as the poems arising from Intuition of the Instant - the contemplation of the working and meaning of … Continue reading from storyland (final)

corroboration dance

I have lit the firereturnedto bed reflectedoff a glossy surfacein the corridorI watch itred dreaming I waitfor the dancers warmthto reach the bedroombefore I riseto start the day until thenlet the demonscorroborate Iwill watch them ~ Poem #599 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. ______________________________________________________________________________ Would … Continue reading corroboration dance

filled with

the silence filled with sound I hear the blowflyzzzumming a tweetfrom some small birdis hardly soundat all a lonely Romeooccasionally croakinghas set his home upbeneath a builder’s wrap a black plastic auditoria every now and - croak - then he sounds a heartfeltloneliness even silentthere is the windthat ruffles leavesin treeseverywhere it passes I hear … Continue reading filled with

a wall against

he wheeleda barrow-loadof instants he mixeda continuumof moments he'd meltedwith a zepto or twoon a planck laying this mortaras foundationhe placed instant oneinstant two and so on building a wallagainst time ~ Poem #597 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be … Continue reading a wall against

an air of punishment

the judge addressed himfrom behindthe bench your trialis now concluded it has shownwithout a doubtthat you are guiltyas accused it falls nowto this courtto pronounce sentence with regard to elementwe have determined: air with regard to the natureof that airit shall be: heavy you are sentencedto go forthcarrying with youa personal surroundingof your punishment worn … Continue reading an air of punishment

crude: the marvel

he was crudestuff he was raw butwhen he lit himselfoh a flamea bright white lighthe burned untilclean againhe shone he warmed he wasa marvel ~ Poem #594 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my … Continue reading crude: the marvel

the way it works (around me)

I was taughtthat the worldis round that it spins and journeysthrough the vastnessof space right around the sun then backagainnever stoppingin that continuous journey and I’m surethat’s true I meanI knowthat it’s true butwhen I dreamall of the universemoves around me the sun comes upgoes downwhile I …Iam still right here when I dreamI knowthe … Continue reading the way it works (around me)

rules in the hands of the god (of war)

ta-tara ta tara here are the soldiers red arrayed on the heights and all around the hill their colonels and generals wear special hats they have artillery aimed primed and ready so ready ta-tara ta tara tara here are the soldiers blue arrayed around the hill up on the heights their colonels look jaunty their … Continue reading rules in the hands of the god (of war)