see nothing

there is nothing so full of nothing as emptiness see it roll on vacant like a field of white or less or even less than that nothing waiting to be filled as time rolls by empty grows to fill all the world that you can see and for an instant every part is gone breadth … Continue reading see nothing

the strength of affinity

he could not fly for he had no wings he could only stand more tree than bird affinity to wing desire only for the sky he lacked the means he was not of feathers he was bark and like the tree the strength he found to move was enough to shake the earth was just … Continue reading the strength of affinity

the lessons learned (from the episode of the wine glass)

when the glass with the fine thin bowl fell from the careless edge of the table the decanter for a moment ceased to breathe as it tilted on its journey parallel to the wooden indifference of the table leg a spring in the mechanism of the door between kitchen and dining softly twanged almost horizontal … Continue reading the lessons learned (from the episode of the wine glass)

an event

I look at you each glancing glance the beginning the start of my attention drawn your way I look away that glancing glance is over beginning looks ending looks instant looks away my event with you completed ~ Poem #528 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.