a ‘my garden’ page

tomato potato beetroot parsnip fennel carrot white radish aubergine capsicum chili broccoli cabbage cauliflower turnip swede brussels sprout blueberry raspberry strawberry black current gooseberry jostaberry blackberry cucumber snap peas sugar peas purple bean green bean borlotti fava bean runner bean bush bean brown onion green onion shallot potato onion tree onion garlic leek coriander oregano … Continue reading a ‘my garden’ page

cuckoo you

  the bed was laid with good intent old rot new dirt a garden mountain for me to dig and water and for planting alas the time that passed alas the things that seemed more important never mind never mind here we are right now get the shovel turn it over start anew in that … Continue reading cuckoo you

go and pick (ordering alliums)

who will go and pick three alliums thick and lush they are so young onion leek sativa bulb who will pick that I might eat   will no one brave these three alliums they are strong but be not weak three stalk leaves and one fine bulb who’ll bring flavor for my feed   must … Continue reading go and pick (ordering alliums)

let the runners run

the cucurbits are away at last pumpkins have spread outside their circle the white squash has raised a yellow flower but trails behind corgette which sends fruit out ahead and puts a flower on top a little Carmen Miranda at last the cucumber looks like it might get serious it considered for awhile if it … Continue reading let the runners run

A. Family matters

Mrs Allium Fistulosum met Mrs Allium Porrum out on the garden bed on an afternoon in late Winter. Good morning Mrs Allium, one said, and Good-morning Mrs Allium, the other replied. The days, pronounced Mrs A. Fistula, are growing longer. I’ve noticed an unsightly thickening of my leaves. I believe spring is on the way. … Continue reading A. Family matters

george’s accommodations

in the loam that is his garden george is scratching he has a curled three-prong rake in his hands to break the soil he's worked this same dirt over for years summer green and lush vibrant climbers winter the slow white of cauliflower embedded pebbles fleck the black before he roughs it with his prongs … Continue reading george’s accommodations

way poem #12: barrow and spade

wheelbarrow waits impatiently it is parked in the middle of the yard the spade is at rest and idly bides its time they waited for me all day yesterday but I was otherwise delayed earning not shoveling sometimes that seems to be the way but now I hear the compost call the mulch has grown … Continue reading way poem #12: barrow and spade

digestive fibonacci: fractal-izing mandelbrot

A Poem a Day in September #7 there was a slow sliding small snail in a fibonacci shell winding its way up a broccoli that had woven itself into a mandelbrot romanesque! twists and twirls delved deep enough to fractal-ize an unwary eye that gazed too long or plunged too far but the snail who … Continue reading digestive fibonacci: fractal-izing mandelbrot