an alchemists garden

the climbing beans have found the wood and wire frame we placed above them from tendrils vaguely waving to the grip of a warm embrace in the space of a turn-your-head today and the parallel conversion of tentative into certain is what an apothecary might conceive in his alchemical heart green climbing beans and gold … Continue reading an alchemists garden

among the wild

down I go where the pumpkins skulk and tomatoes are growing wild down amongst the cantaloupes unruled vietnames mint rubs shoulders with the dill aubergine … oh dear oh dear in among the clumping welsh I could hide myself concealed but basil beetroot your season’s nearly done I thank you and old red cabbage … … Continue reading among the wild

under the sun (in the backyard)

there’s water on the grass that’s dew I suppose waiting for the day to bear down and burn it meanwhile meanwhile the bees are amok among the clover flowers a fat old wasp is hovering around the back door maybe thinking about a new nest not there my dear not there away she goes as … Continue reading under the sun (in the backyard)

an aspara-guy song

a lone asparagus lifted his head he’d been lying low for the winter I was just passing not near but enough to intercept on the wind what he said hello oh my sweet peas my tomatoes and pumpkins hello are you waking my carrot-topped friends where have you gone are you underground sleeping it’s time … Continue reading an aspara-guy song

garden waltz time

the trees are roaring rising coruscations as the wind sounds up their voices to the sky bassi grow from initial susurration the thought they sang already on the fly three magpies warble quiet ululations honey birds squeak and titter where they lie kookaburras exhaust themselves in gay abandon not quite an orchestration but they try … Continue reading garden waltz time