FF #06

First Sunflower - 06/02/2022 the firstof the sunflowershas broken throughtoday swirling aroundits own darknessyet . . . the sunshineis captured perhapsit is taken inthroughthe blackthen . . . processedgolden there is ahypnotismbeing practicedhere taking the eye . . . taking me aroundthe spiralstothe heart ~

play (in the garden)

DADamyata ~ thank heavenforthe sky thank goodnessfor the greenthat isthe garden give thanks –Igive thanks –for the happy buzzof fliesof bees the sticky websof spiderswho waitso quietlyin foliage waitingfor their time a white butterflyis visitingby flitsamong the vegetablesalready lefttoo long celery flowers carrotsgone to seed it isa little bitunruly there are alliumssprawlingeverywhere I keep meaningto … Continue reading play (in the garden)