frog call (ba bonk)

I was once a frog you know home upon a lily it seems a foolish time so far ago but all of us were young then a croak is like a call to love sent by one melancholy a croak is just a song to sing on wistful nights of ripples on the pond and … Continue reading frog call (ba bonk)

be-bop night

I’m kept awake by the sound of frogs here I am up late when I should be sleeping the gnats and the mites that fly around the room circle round my lampshade crash into my window from the outside disconcerting my peace with their desire for the warm that is my light but when I … Continue reading be-bop night

an evening at ‘the swampy’

an evening at the swampy - Spoken Word format on SoundCloud it’s frog evening happy hour across the road at the swampy creek amphibi-inn preeping voices shouting out in rushes about the day just gone how are the taddy’s going I saw your brrrnie swam the creek did you get a load of the legs … Continue reading an evening at ‘the swampy’