artifact (of flame)

this? only a thing I have made by hand my origami of flame ~ via artifact (of flame) — Seventeen Syllable Poetry

fire #28: wild cats (preview)

a wild cat purrs a little wild cat purr while she’s prowling rrrr-rrrr a wild cat sings a little yow-yow-yow when she’s howling yow-ow-ooww yo-oww a wild cat burns in the night on the hunt my wild cat stirs in the night while I hunt a wild cat purrs rrrr-rrrr while I sing a little … Continue reading fire #28: wild cats (preview)

one night in front of the fire

coal aglow the wood is gone charcoal teeth red-smiling a plume of flame blue dancer to three tunes the luff the flare the burning dragon throat a promised burn blackened red fire purring and I fool me creep close in-drawn to feel the blaze kiss me kiss my face what help for me I looked … Continue reading one night in front of the fire

axeman: an alchemy

flame flows like water from the coal bed up to yellow-kiss the baffle embers glow radiance like a beating heart the devil alive and dancing that wood I hewed with my splitter raised then brought to shatter hardwood rounds into bites and chips and slices is incarnated into the short-lived god of fire © Frank … Continue reading axeman: an alchemy

dancing the fire alight in the evening

A poem a day, in September 2016 - #1 with a flare and a flame the little piece of pine is on fire crackle and a roar take the breath right away from the air see the devils dance (Dance!) (Dance!) turn and tumble twisted contortions (Dance!) (Dance!) coal glows red sends ripples out in semaphore … Continue reading dancing the fire alight in the evening