Frank’s big book day (Part 2)

Two new books Two more new books today - 05/08/2022 Along with the #Ukraine books I posted about here, I received copies of two more books. Flock, and A Specialist At The Recycled Heart. Both of them have had some hard yards performed on them to get across the line. Flock Flock - as a … Continue reading Frank’s big book day (Part 2)

The Garden Black – Marj’s review.

A wonderful day for receiving reviews for The Garden Black. Thank you to Marjorie Mallon for this wonderful review on Goodreads. Marj is a talented young adult fantasy author from the UK and I can highly recommend her work. Here is the link to Marj's review on Goodreads. If you'd like to check out her … Continue reading The Garden Black – Marj’s review.

The Garden Black – on its way!

I noticed last evening that IngramSpark - my printer/distributor for paper edition books - has started to despatch pre-orders of The Garden Black. Anyone who has pre-ordered a copy might be pleased to know that it is on its way. Seeing that took my mind back to the writing of the collection and I recalled … Continue reading The Garden Black – on its way!

The Cielonaut. A full draft!

Well, this is today's news. A full draft of The Cielonaut - a cover, an introduction, the body (including greyscale images of the cosmos), and back matter is done. This always feels like such a big moment, that I want to hold the book in my hands immediately. That won't happen, though. I'll hold off … Continue reading The Cielonaut. A full draft!