little stars

did you know … … that sparks … … differ … … depending on the… … hammer you are using he was striking the hot metal held in a pair of long tongs with his heaviest hammer blunt force applied with a grunt in a strike repeated over and over and again while the metal … Continue reading little stars

ink (for fire)

he leaned across the hearth almost near enough to the small flame and the red and black coals to burn himself beaker in one hand stopper in the other he engaged in the delicate art of smoke of trapping the smoke within his bottle art it was art it is for having trapped the wavering … Continue reading ink (for fire)

Voices #43: what adornment (for you)

well it’s tribal I suppose … gypsy would you say? ethnic in any case you can be sure of that some days I would like more bangles more earrings something a little more gaudy what about you? ~ Poem #43 from a series of poems heard while on a visit to a second hand goods … Continue reading Voices #43: what adornment (for you)

laughing (a wish) like a child

he heard the sound a sound that he could feel almost as a vibrant echo drilling inside himself looking to the sky tiny body tiny wings a tail of trail streaming across the wide expanse of the sky not long to wait another passing across the sky then the sound from the ground hearing feeling … Continue reading laughing (a wish) like a child

mildly euphemistic

euphemistically speaking today is a day that couldn't be more and euphemistically thinking I don't think I've ever had one before this is a day when the lawn is growing and just such a day that I have to get mowing euphemistically being I'm like a guy who has been struck by the sun and … Continue reading mildly euphemistic

spectating science sports – the speed of light (in vacuum)

the show seemed over almost before it had begun the ticket-seller had said things like spectacular unforgettable once in a life time and so he had handed over his money in exchange at least he thought he’d had a ringside seat at least the event was held in quiet so he could concentrate without distraction … Continue reading spectating science sports – the speed of light (in vacuum)

spring creek to the sea

One for the Beechworth folk, who love their Spring Creek, and love their Gorge and Woolshed. Why wouldn't they? I do ~~~~~~~~~~ spring creek where are you going? on a journey to the sea? wait I’ll just get my boots on if you’ll wait a second here I’ll run the race beside you we will laugh … Continue reading spring creek to the sea