filled with

the silence filled with sound I hear the blowflyzzzumming a tweetfrom some small birdis hardly soundat all a lonely Romeooccasionally croakinghas set his home upbeneath a builder’s wrap a black plastic auditoria every now and - croak - then he sounds a heartfeltloneliness even silentthere is the windthat ruffles leavesin treeseverywhere it passes I hear … Continue reading filled with

rules in the hands of the god (of war)

ta-tara ta tara here are the soldiers red arrayed on the heights and all around the hill their colonels and generals wear special hats they have artillery aimed primed and ready so ready ta-tara ta tara tara here are the soldiers blue arrayed around the hill up on the heights their colonels look jaunty their … Continue reading rules in the hands of the god (of war)

halving the stone with love

the hammer strikes a gentle touch more caress than it is a violence a swift kiss a lightning love there and then it’s gone the stone in love’s languor is two halves not yet comprehending it is broken ~ Poem #577 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard … Continue reading halving the stone with love

a little skunk

scat! scat! get yourself behind me (scat! scat!) scat!     scat!     scat!     scat! I say get yourself behind me you’d better go (scat! scat!)   (scat! scat!) I turn myself around put you away beyond my shoulder don’t come too close don’t come too close I got the big guns I will blaze you (scat! scat!) … Continue reading a little skunk