his potential

when he stood still just for a moment movement could be seen a stirring in the earth beneath … … around his feet then he would wriggle his toes a little move his feet in a sort of shuffle before stepping away always moving away from a minor disturbance of the earth in the vicinity … Continue reading his potential


a thin man lean like someone who only eats a little once in a while patient and nonchalant he picks up both gentle and firm each snake each asp each serpent as it twines too close too much too tight moves it to one side he squats beside the basket unblinking when he moves it … Continue reading scaling

out of place (in the jungle dream)

each vine becomes its own snake it writhes before the wind can blow I hear the cold breath hissing this thicket is up as high as the sky dark sun no stars at night every footfall shrills hello in a high-pitched voice and tremor go on I will go on in a tentative braille feeling … Continue reading out of place (in the jungle dream)