the farmer’s march

that and now it is almost past february I’m surrounded by the flashing strobe of lightning the agitation of thunder from here bedded in the heart of the month they say now that it will be march yes march will see the end of el niño the bravest have announced the very date of his … Continue reading the farmer’s march

lagoon #27

it's a difficult image to get out of my head I've avoided the writing for days now but it remains it is such a small pondage now I've seen from the depth of water measured against a spoonbill leg that it is shallow all the way across mere inches but the fish are an extraordinary … Continue reading lagoon #27

a bucket standard

the radio is taking talkback about the drought a physiotherapist has rung in well the usual bucket holds about nine litres but people are going out and buying bigger buckets now the natural thing to do is to hug it to you when you carry it but they're too heavy and would-be water-savers are doing … Continue reading a bucket standard

lagoon #24

it must have reached a point called shallow the dwindling pond almost a puddle has changed colour it has gone from the greenish-brown of a murky bottom to rust red right across the surface we stood to watch for a long time but nothing seemed to move just stray bubbles rising something glugging deep down … Continue reading lagoon #24