romance ducks

the ducks are sheltering ten beneath the tree almost a huddle but it’s too hot to ruffle feathers down two have located on their own in the shade of another tree it seems a case of romance beneath the noonday sun and then they’re gone the dog always favours motion on the run and all … Continue reading romance ducks

she rules

queen leelu of the chaise when she’s not a-lounge she’ll be barking out at the sky some bird passing failed to look to make sure it was permitted by the authority (strictly local) beware the royal anger of a collie hackle-rise that makes her twice the queen shouting to the corners of the room how … Continue reading she rules

with a view to the sweet-grass

the walk up the track into the forest is a meditation of butterflies and the unpredictable scent of eucalyptus rising monarchs reign here individuals in hundreds courting sets of five and six twirling a meandering pursuit of some would-be queen a paddock of rolled hay the scrub-wood valley the rise of plantation conifers thirty years … Continue reading with a view to the sweet-grass

four ay-em (the dogs)

the dogs of four ay-em are yelp and bark and whine they are mayhem confusion someone must have done something maybe squeaked a toy or maybe farted perhaps incontinence had a role to play could be someone slipped in something spoke a bad word perhaps there was a robbery in progress invitation to a wild … Continue reading four ay-em (the dogs)

the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

Miss Roxie is on the bark tonight Joe must have gone out again and left her she’s going to shout now all night long how she really misses her wandering man I live just a small way down the road a road that’s a kind of echo-canyon it rebounds sound both up the hill and … Continue reading the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

storm breathing in the bathroom

the dog is off her food today and in the bathroom hiding there’s nothing we can do to make her feel all right the atmosphere clutches close as a lover who doesn’t know when to let go for a breath of air charged with the light blinking brilliance around the hills the thunder has had … Continue reading storm breathing in the bathroom

things it’s not possible to borrow

Poem #22 from: Memoir of a Dog Back to Memoir of a Dog - Introduction borrowed time what an idea time passes just one way from front to back until it runs out that’s what I’ve always thought ~ we bobbled along after sparky recovered from the operation a quiet household gratefully silent while silence … Continue reading things it’s not possible to borrow

accidental destruction save for the dog

Poem #21 from: Memoir of a Dog Back to Memoir of a Dog - Introduction I would like to tell you something uplifting I would like to give you a sense that perhaps even for such a disaster-laden disarrayed group as we had become happiness joy remained a possibility however remote could I offer that … Continue reading accidental destruction save for the dog

subtle theft and mild healing

Poem #20 from: Memoir of a Dog Back to Memoir of a Dog - Introduction it’s taken weeks and you can tell he’s been a sick pooch but the tube has been withdrawn his wounds have healed the wool is growing over scars that seem to have been etched deep inside each of us we … Continue reading subtle theft and mild healing