before her majesty

there is a child at babble I can hear her behind the fence things are happening because she says they should ~ the few objects on the ground before her are not plastic they are not toys they are the towers the pillars of a new world listen to her voice now murmuring and low listen … Continue reading before her majesty

Dangerous Decor

there's a TV against a wall a sound box perching up on top when I look around I see the dregs of recent days curling up in each stray corner my table is invisible beneath paper and the futon wears those clothes of mine that are waiting for an ironing when the cleaner comes on … Continue reading Dangerous Decor

transcribing from the original

four-two-wit four-two-wit four-two-wit I am capturing the lyrics but I don’t know really I don’t know whether I can decipher them into words wardle-ordle-ordle-ordle yordel-odle-odle-orrr----orr wardle-ordle-ordel yordle-odel-odel-ey perhaps this is close idle idle-idle-idle I am idling in sunshine idle-idleidle I am idling away I have just tried singing the untranslated copy aloud outside the magpie … Continue reading transcribing from the original

picking wild sunshine

picking plums right off the branch is not what most people do not anymore but I’ve got a tree growing wild it’s wide and high and it’s bent down under its load now I’ve got sunshine captured in my bucket it’s come down from the sky into the plums and then to me picking sunshine … Continue reading picking wild sunshine

MCG (Black and White and Blues)

I can feel it with my hand on a wall the MCG alive with rumbled dull thunder vibrating through acres of concrete and brick the first twenty thousand to gather are trembling the foundations of this coliseum we are early but the filling of the tiers has begun the reserve teams are the dew-kickers out … Continue reading MCG (Black and White and Blues)

let the runners run

the cucurbits are away at last pumpkins have spread outside their circle the white squash has raised a yellow flower but trails behind corgette which sends fruit out ahead and puts a flower on top a little Carmen Miranda at last the cucumber looks like it might get serious it considered for awhile if it … Continue reading let the runners run