in the offices of …

Wade, Waddell and Schwimm, Will Waddell speaking (mwak). What’s that? What’s that? No, Schwimm’s not here. He was found where, (mwak)? Without his paddle (mwak, mwak)? He was doing what? (mwak) (mwak) Hmmmm. We may have to promote Schwann, next. Wade Waddell and Schwann – (mwak) it’s got a ring to it. Yes, it’s got … Continue reading in the offices of …

an evening at ‘the swampy’

an evening at the swampy - Spoken Word format on SoundCloud it’s frog evening happy hour across the road at the swampy creek amphibi-inn preeping voices shouting out in rushes about the day just gone how are the taddy’s going I saw your brrrnie swam the creek did you get a load of the legs … Continue reading an evening at ‘the swampy’

singing broken heart at number 60

I frighten the neighbours with sweet songs of love the only way to sing them is loud I don't suppose what they hear sounds much like most love songs but what would they know of the way I resound with heartfelt emotion when I sing melody to emmy-lou's lead and elton and I know each … Continue reading singing broken heart at number 60

no poetry on the Bay

no poetry lives on the bay today there are only images to report before they disappear across the sky like the plastic bag last seen it was one hundred feet high and sailing towards Edithvale lifted on the folly of a fickle wind that trailed lightly across green water rippling in easy rhythms of movement … Continue reading no poetry on the Bay