Black Saturday – the Australian String Quartet

I've mentioned previously that a small element from my 'Devil In The Wind' poetry collection about Black Saturday in 2009 is to be used in performance of a new musical and visual performance created by Dr Natalie Williams and performed by the Australian String Quartet. The premiere of Black Summer is slotted in for tonight … Continue reading Black Saturday – the Australian String Quartet

Devil In The Wind – a musical involvement

Some time ago I was approached by Dr Natalie Williams seeking permission to to use a stanza from my Devil In The WInd poem and publication in an immersive visual media project to be performed with the accompaniment of newly composed Australian music. Dr Williams had come across the collection through some random good fortune … Continue reading Devil In The Wind – a musical involvement

Revisiting ‘Devil In The Wind’

I've experienced concentric distractions today. Each taking further from what I set out to achieve at the beginning of the day. I started with finances. Then went on to editing. After that, there was this interesting poem that I could add some pictures to and then upload to YouTube , , , Some things are … Continue reading Revisiting ‘Devil In The Wind’