conveying (by hand), a few thoughts (by blog)

Dear friends this year has been a trial, hasn’t it? An unending stream of doom and disaster. Bad luck followed by bad news. Another close family member has died this last week (not from Covid). Other friends are struggling with physical infirmities, and the list of the well known that have and continue to pass … Continue reading conveying (by hand), a few thoughts (by blog)

at all (a living)

it is for . . . living it is for livingdon’t you know is thatwhat you are doing is it reallyliving I have wokensometimesin the morningwith my head fullof thoughtsand plans worriesand concerns and I have wokensometimeswith my head filledwith bleariness for the sakeof workand obligation so many different kindsof obligation andI have donethose thingsthat … Continue reading at all (a living)