circle dance

he steps around her in a slow circle he's not watching really only from the corner of his eye to never lose her from the sight-line but he isn't watching her not really she's oblivious hardly attending what he's doing isn't relevant she's reading something in a book about dance in a romantic century he's … Continue reading circle dance

wind-jig day

the wild wind is playing the clothes on the line it spins them as it whistles a tune in cavort time the pegs wooden and plastic are clicking like rogue castanets trees have been swirled leaves have been twirled it’s a heady dance of wind-sway and tousling in breathless delight around and around goes the … Continue reading wind-jig day

garden waltz time

the trees are roaring rising coruscations as the wind sounds up their voices to the sky bassi grow from initial susurration the thought they sang already on the fly three magpies warble quiet ululations honey birds squeak and titter where they lie kookaburras exhaust themselves in gay abandon not quite an orchestration but they try … Continue reading garden waltz time

line dancers

there you go my sweetling dancers there you go trip to the song played whistling by the wind around and around fly your skirts a-jig for an hour and whirl yourself around me under the applause of the sweep-by clouds around and around dance around and around under the applause come dance yourself around me … Continue reading line dancers