Curves Add Character

She draws big bottomed women in a class of fifteen. She says that curves add character. I can't draw, but my hand can trace the curve of her back. Lying in my arms I see that she has character. She drew my face on a kitchen pot. When I asked her why she said, you … Continue reading Curves Add Character

one more chances

Kad ti ne"sto tako dojde Frenki, nemoj "cekat, sinko moj, samo nemoj ti "cekat. Frenk, when I was young man, I think I tell you this before, tsure, the girls, they always like me too much. I am beautiful young man, them days, very handso, you know? I walk all time like man who own … Continue reading one more chances

a call: a dance: here again: gone

she plucks on the strings of the lapis-lined harp fills the air with the song of summoning first the right hand then the left she plays through long hours of darkness and the call wells up transforming into joy when a slender hint of crescent becomes the lunar form returned a greater presence each night … Continue reading a call: a dance: here again: gone

on sunday at the music club

while the open mic is flowing she wheels him in a wrangler’s wide-brim on top grey-plait hair behind and half his spectacles snow-blinded by cotton wool but the chair is a little beauty six wheels and a battery to move him forward and around with a finger-kiss on the lever he's rigged up like that … Continue reading on sunday at the music club

a couple of clowns

a voice from a table to the side loud in conversation How do you know these two clowns? a glance at my idiot mate shows him holding imaginary handle-bars commencing an almost elegant sequence of rises and falls in his seat with each bobble of the off-centred bicycle he isn't riding I pointed a finger … Continue reading a couple of clowns

Baby’s Bedtime

baby doesn't read much anymore in the evenings her eyes become too tired from the page and an accumulated feeling like staring into light too long makes her rub to find more natural sensations she was always baby to her brothers and her father at fifty eight and climbing it's getting late to start growing … Continue reading Baby’s Bedtime