every one of us

there are many of us waiting for the words to fall like raindrops into rivulets that splash pretty across an unlined page and every one of us hears the patter of a different rain pen itself upon each rooftop whispering stories told in stanzas with the storm above the basso and the brightness pool into … Continue reading every one of us


the air is filled with cows lowing a song of yearning each occupying one small quarter of misery and woe upraised voices sound call response and chorus un-coordinated drone and bray and bellow songs of poor fortune and ill-omen hunger and desire they are languid idle desperate and needful herd voices vying loud to be … Continue reading moo-pera

the world’s greatest lover

she said I think you must be the world’s best lover he could feel her voice as a vibration rising through his chest to reach inside his head you care more for me than for yourself he said nothing but considered what it is that constitutes truth kissed the top of her head stretched his … Continue reading the world’s greatest lover

A. Family matters

Mrs Allium Fistulosum met Mrs Allium Porrum out on the garden bed on an afternoon in late Winter. Good morning Mrs Allium, one said, and Good-morning Mrs Allium, the other replied. The days, pronounced Mrs A. Fistula, are growing longer. I’ve noticed an unsightly thickening of my leaves. I believe spring is on the way. … Continue reading A. Family matters

a short statement from the latest arrival

I wish to make a statement the latest new-arrival said I wish to tell you all about my life when I was born … was the way he began in a slow-build that took no account of time but as I trod lightly between the stones and the mounds in the grass the sound I … Continue reading a short statement from the latest arrival