until the night is done (and the wire is copper)

The project continues.~ enough enoughof wallowingthrough clinical irrelevance the womensurvived(nothey didn’t) the young mantook his life copper wireand a socket the old fellowwas shockedback to realitypoor wretchuntil his heart gave outonce more and paraldehyde and exhaustionfinally defeated the fighter greg the fighter’s namewas greg and anna-marie . . . anna-marie departed townon a horse headed … Continue reading until the night is done (and the wire is copper)

anywhere (but small)

there is an artto becoming smallerthan you actually are I mean physically smallerorseeming to be firstfind a cornerof the room an empty roomfor preference thensqueeze into it fold upyour legs fold downyour torso bury your headin your knees bite your handso you don’tstart screaming fold more deeperinto yourself like a huddleof laundrycast casuallyaway almostas thoughyouare … Continue reading anywhere (but small)

a prophet speaks (her name on the chalkboard)

sticky carpet a hubbuband babbleall around smoke hanging lazyin the air so muchsmoke an environment designedfor speakingnotfor listening not reallyfor listening a young girlshufflesacross the stageto the lectern gains a small circlea small rippleof attentionfrom the nearer crowd she is wearinga hospital gown little more looks to beaffectedby dopeor other drugs maybehospital drugs royal parkis … Continue reading a prophet speaks (her name on the chalkboard)

remember (innocence)

the world frownson innocence it carries with itthe simplisticand the naïve asks questionsthat are unanswerableuntil the phlegmand jaundiceof a life livedcan put textureinto an answer and begfor firm correction a psychicslapping and introductionto reality a kindof reality aspireor die sweet victoryor mouldering bitterness not even choicesreally just outcomes justoutcomesbecause a smart lickof punishmentis aptdon’t you … Continue reading remember (innocence)

avaunt (a wary air)

women who woreflat-soled shoes thatwas how a female colleaguereferred to them it seemed as thoughsuddenlyquite suddenlythey were everywhere in bureaucratic power all the executive levelsof the public servicewere purged we weren’t used to upheavallike thatback then butall the hubsfrom community servicesto health even the railwaysandof coursejusticehad their share hard core networkerswith no roomfor soft malesunless … Continue reading avaunt (a wary air)

unknowing (the city)

the treesdo not carebeyond yellowand red the streamdoes not worryit just runs for the rainshave comeand the worldhas turned it is autumn againas it should be the cityclose byhas diedjust a little there is troublenowin findinga soul for it is peoplethat it needsand the peopleare all home nothingon the streetsbut their echo and a littlelost … Continue reading unknowing (the city)

a remembering

april 25this anzac dayover here once every yearfolk gatherto rememberthe onesthat didn’t come homefrom a war or didn’t come homethe sameaswhen they left here poppiesat dawn this yearthat can’t be donethe virusis a warall its own this yeara trumpet soundsin the darkness and people standon the streetin frontof their houses and light candles in the … Continue reading a remembering

ganache and old candles (and zoom)

she said: it was a birthday an eighteenthbirthdaybutI couldn’t buy flouranywhereto bake a cake just the week beforeI had to hunt all overfor icing but noI made a ganache instead creamfor the whippingwas found somehowfrom somewhereand we dredgedsome pre-lovedcandles it was specialI supposebecauseyou only turn adultthe once and there were her friendsthe guestsall of themlined … Continue reading ganache and old candles (and zoom)

reflection (of the sacrifice)

easter resurrection comes before thatI must dieor soI understand I wonderhow does that workbutI doubtthat I need to know it is a matterof the soul perhapsof the underworld and I am willingenoughifit is forthe good for the very goodandfor us all look around gaze I have to stareat whatI see at whatis left a cannibal … Continue reading reflection (of the sacrifice)