anywhere (but small)

there is an artto becoming smallerthan you actually are I mean physically smallerorseeming to be firstfind a cornerof the room an empty roomfor preference thensqueeze into it fold upyour legs fold downyour torso bury your headin your knees bite your handso you don’tstart screaming fold more deeperinto yourself like a huddleof laundrycast casuallyaway almostas thoughyouare … Continue reading anywhere (but small)

a prophet speaks (her name on the chalkboard)

sticky carpet a hubbuband babbleall around smoke hanging lazyin the air so muchsmoke an environment designedfor speakingnotfor listening not reallyfor listening a young girlshufflesacross the stageto the lectern gains a small circlea small rippleof attentionfrom the nearer crowd she is wearinga hospital gown little more looks to beaffectedby dopeor other drugs maybehospital drugs royal parkis … Continue reading a prophet speaks (her name on the chalkboard)

remember (innocence)

the world frownson innocence it carries with itthe simplisticand the naïve asks questionsthat are unanswerableuntil the phlegmand jaundiceof a life livedcan put textureinto an answer and begfor firm correction a psychicslapping and introductionto reality a kindof reality aspireor die sweet victoryor mouldering bitterness not even choicesreally just outcomes justoutcomesbecause a smart lickof punishmentis aptdon’t you … Continue reading remember (innocence)

avaunt (a wary air)

women who woreflat-soled shoes thatwas how a female colleaguereferred to them it seemed as thoughsuddenlyquite suddenlythey were everywhere in bureaucratic power all the executive levelsof the public servicewere purged we weren’t used to upheavallike thatback then butall the hubsfrom community servicesto health even the railwaysandof coursejusticehad their share hard core networkerswith no roomfor soft malesunless … Continue reading avaunt (a wary air)

a whisper (swung rustily)

I feel compelledto tell younowsomething of myselfand anna-maree it was never clearto mewhyI was chosen by her for even thenI matched no mould but I was so . . .so very hungryto be a part to dowhat otherscould notthat I did notquestion and her wellthere were thosewhofrom the beginningwere dubious but not I not untilafter … Continue reading a whisper (swung rustily)

glamour (such glamour)

the citycastsa glamour made upof smogand noiseand crowdsand tall buildingsand an unwillingness . . . an inabilityto stopits incessant movement car lightsin red and yellowant-crawling homeevery night a young manfrom the rural countrysideis enthralledby the wholenoisomemess of it thinks itexciting an aspiration the pinnacleand proofagainst whichhe must be tested gazing downlate eveningfrom the tenth floorthe … Continue reading glamour (such glamour)

tomorrow’s problem (here today)

perhapsevery generation operatesin the same ways it is bureaucracyI am speaking ofof course the moversand the shakersof the bureaucracy a new broomof reformersto sweep the corridors cleanof old ideologuesand do-goodersfrom the era just passed so determined so cynical so single-minded great excitementamong the advisorsto the ministerover permission to spenda million dollars an astronomicalmillion dollarson a … Continue reading tomorrow’s problem (here today)

normal (/ˈnɔːm(ə)l/)

adjective1.conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. the standard the usual the typical or expected is that whatnormalmeans what itis what about a newnormal with peoplestaring at the ground avoiding each otherseyes what aboutthe poundingfelt all through the bodyof a distressed hearteach timeit venturesbeyond the boundary lineof that marks the beginningand end ofhome what … Continue reading normal (/ˈnɔːm(ə)l/)

Update on current work

I think I've finally found my way forward with the current writing project. Very tricky to find what feels like the right blend of past and present, objective and personal. Interesting versus dull. I found myself thinking through some of my motivations in taking on this project and personal aspirations for it, so I have … Continue reading Update on current work

an iterant (a fool)

life is an equationof sorts iterationon iteration never much closerto a solution but the attemptmust be madeor die looking backsees the poor foolbelievingin his ownpurpose iterating despiteor becauseof what is being donearound him by others to others to him the present issecurely more completeand need causeno bother butthe temptationto wallowin the distressof being so . … Continue reading an iterant (a fool)