the bear and the cockatoo (and things that remain)

These fragments I have shored against my ruins ~ what have I keptof myself . . . the plagueragesall aroundandI have not beentouched . . . no that is not true I toohave become more paranoid morbid depressed hopeless resigned resolved vaccinated everythingbut the lurgyitself the world –my world –has changedin these last yearsandI wonderwhatis … Continue reading the bear and the cockatoo (and things that remain)

you know what I mean (it won’t kill you)

each confirms a prisonOnly at nightfall ~ sorry sorry sorry I didn’t meanto say . . . I meanof coursepeopleare dying . . . andit’s terrible I’ve always saidthat every deathis a terrible thing what I meantwas . . . well our peopleare dyinglessthan in so manyothercountries . . . sothat must meanwe are doinga … Continue reading you know what I mean (it won’t kill you)

wish (a wish away)

DADayadhvam ~ omicronis risingstill though they saythe peakis passed stillthe dead growin their numbers leadersare leadingthough their circleis small the endand the beginningtoo close and to watchthem –helpless –on displayevery night is to watcha mannequinunstrung thoughstill moving still in motion declaimingand declaring and denying despair butwhy bother that showis over they told usto livewith it … Continue reading wish (a wish away)

waiting in stillness (for zen)

Ganga was sunken, and the limp leavesWaited for rain ~ the stillnessof the dayis . . . a strange thing the airis still the leaves on treesand plantsis still bladesof grassdo not move cloud coveraboveis uniformandstill I did not thinkthe weather mapwas suggesting raintoday yetit feelsas though the worldis waiting in stillness onlya magpie singsas … Continue reading waiting in stillness (for zen)

triple hopes (and cockatoo justifications)

triple hopes (and cockatoo justifications) Dry bones can harm no one ~ Cockatoos - after the plums 14/01/2022 the cockatoos –my nemesisfor so many weeksas the plums ripened –are abundant they have grown accustomednowto not being harried not clappedout of the tree nowthey are afterlast skerricks there is no harmnowin grantingfree reinto them it has … Continue reading triple hopes (and cockatoo justifications)

buggery (really)

And crawled head downward down a blackened wall ~ there isa toilet paper shortageagain . . . nothere isn’treally it’s a shortagein people’s minds hoardersthough whytoilet paperof all thingsI can’t say and a failureof deliveries all the transport workersare sick can’t getstuffto the supermarkets can’t get tested can’t walkcan’t runcan’t fly different reasons same results … Continue reading buggery (really)

different (no) the same

I Tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugsPerceived the scene ~ here we area nationwaiting . . . whatare waiting for? wellit is notentirelyclear it seemswe are waitingfor a prestidigitationto be worked a sleightof (vaccine) hand here . . . a perceptionof leadership (watch the hand . . .watch . . .the hand . . .)there … Continue reading different (no) the same

wondering (confined to a shoebox)

and lays out food in tins. ~ as I sit –mask loweredas allowed –drinking a coffeeon the edgeof the sidewalk pedestrian strangerswanderbetween meand the shopswhileon the other sidecars patrolunder the sunandjust beforethe new lockdownbegins they are searchingfor placesto parkwhile they shopvery quicklyfor rations who knowshow longit will last this time who knowswhat it might mean … Continue reading wondering (confined to a shoebox)

conveying (by hand), a few thoughts (by blog)

Dear friends this year has been a trial, hasn’t it? An unending stream of doom and disaster. Bad luck followed by bad news. Another close family member has died this last week (not from Covid). Other friends are struggling with physical infirmities, and the list of the well known that have and continue to pass … Continue reading conveying (by hand), a few thoughts (by blog)

until the night is done (and the wire is copper)

The project continues.~ enough enoughof wallowingthrough clinical irrelevance the womensurvived(nothey didn’t) the young mantook his life copper wireand a socket the old fellowwas shockedback to realitypoor wretchuntil his heart gave outonce more and paraldehyde and exhaustionfinally defeated the fighter greg the fighter’s namewas greg and anna-marie . . . anna-marie departed townon a horse headed … Continue reading until the night is done (and the wire is copper)