normal (/ˈnɔːm(ə)l/)

adjective1.conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. the standard the usual the typical or expected is that whatnormalmeans what itis what about a newnormal with peoplestaring at the ground avoiding each otherseyes what aboutthe poundingfelt all through the bodyof a distressed hearteach timeit venturesbeyond the boundary lineof that marks the beginningand end ofhome what … Continue reading normal (/ˈnɔːm(ə)l/)

an iterant (a fool)

life is an equationof sorts iterationon iteration never much closerto a solution but the attemptmust be madeor die looking backsees the poor foolbelievingin his ownpurpose iterating despiteor becauseof what is being donearound him by others to others to him the present issecurely more completeand need causeno bother butthe temptationto wallowin the distressof being so . … Continue reading an iterant (a fool)

hissst! (it is wet)

hissst! wake up man can’t you seewhat’s going on for crying out loudyouare beingsostupid everybody elseknows ~ and whatof anna-maree straw-blondhyphenationwith sparkle green eyesand lush reds whatis anna-mareeif not another wordfor betrayal lippy and blushand . . .yeshorizontal dancingwith the minions what would there beto sayif a glanceupat the blueof the skysuddenly showeda crack a … Continue reading hissst! (it is wet)

normal (again)

are we thereyet are we at the last stageof this contagionyet plans are beingannounced if this . . .thenperhaps that whenthe following is . . .and afterthe previous has . . .thenwe might . . . there are caveats attachednowto doingto meetingto pursuingto breathingto beinglest there bea recurrence a flare up a stagethree . . … Continue reading normal (again)

saved (but un-resilient) by the government

resilience I thinkthat is the wordI have been looking for the wordthat ismissing todaythe news is focusedon the winding back the cessationof paternal benevolence the government hassays the governmentbeen generous the governmentsays the governmentcannot keep spendingmoneythat belongs to the peopleon providing supportto the people thatsays the governmentis not the jobof the government noit is the … Continue reading saved (but un-resilient) by the government

a set of numbers (a picture of hope)

winter endedwarmand my bodily aches tell meit was nota particularly coldseason though the chill daysseemed . . .perhapseven more so numbinginto the depthsof the bone for muchof the timethere has seemedno hope little real prospectof anythingbut more standing nowin nascent springtimethe news is . . .cautious downward trendsin toll numbers casesand deaths upward spikesto shiver … Continue reading a set of numbers (a picture of hope)

Working title – ‘A Magpie Sings’ – a reading from the #WIP

I decided today that I was overdue for a reading to camera. The longer I don't do one, the easier it is not to do one. I've read a handful of poems from the current work-in-progress this morning, and, as rough as it always is, with me, I did enjoy it. I find that the … Continue reading Working title – ‘A Magpie Sings’ – a reading from the #WIP

a mystery (who now knows)

it is hardto knowa personwhen they are enswathedby a maskor behind a scarf I stoppedmid-strideat the supermarket a voice I knewhad comealive a glance aroundanda glancearound nobody familiar it was just a voicedistorted by a maskjust a purchasefromthe deli I ama well known strangernow people recognize meby my gaitand stoop the colourof myfaded hairso grey … Continue reading a mystery (who now knows)

is dead (is dead)

I have stopped lookingat the numbersnow I no longertune inavidly or watch the evening news I turn awayfrom the imagesof grave fields and grief second waves third I train my eyesto watchthe ground keep my mouthclosedbehind a mask only raise themto the gloryof the skydayor nightin my backyardat home I am aware . . . … Continue reading is dead (is dead)

broken water (pointing fingers)

misery swellslike a tide rising gathering speedand depthand strengthwith he passageof time as the worstif the diseasecrestsand peaks . . . instead ofretreatinto recoveryand recuperationthe despair that it broughtbecomes greater for a new plagueof bickeringrises deathby one thousandfinger jabs one thousand pointsof order one thousand failuresof humanity we become a societythat examinesthe minutiaeof mask wearingetiquettein … Continue reading broken water (pointing fingers)