(PAD #11) the show (going on)

it’s alla performance every dayfromfeet upon the floor an absenceof scriptdoesn’t matter sometimesthe stageis all in thisperformancerehearsal can onlytake youso far the trickis persuasiondon’t let the audienceseeany morethan your sleightof hand performance every dayperformance all right then . . . I’m ready let’slet the showbegin _____________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and … Continue reading (PAD #11) the show (going on)

playing the empties

and we’re playing to empty chairs tonight to the roadies and the woman who organized for us to appear you and me are the band when we’re not being each other’s audience you know what I’ll say before I speak it and I can sing along because I know your words and at the end … Continue reading playing the empties


it's a big big note explodes across the mutter of audience striking them the so recognisable guitar envelopes and quiets speaks five notes the keyboard almost a whisper against that powerful opening sound then again the guitar those five notes the audience is hushed reverent the spotlight focuses on the guitar not the man five … Continue reading concert