fancy (flying)

big bird shadows engrave the ground a wheeling of cockatoos at evening around me it feels like I am stepping into a flight on board the grey and leaving my bird has a yellow crest maybe it’s the captain maybe just a carrier sqealing squawking no in-flight ears I squeak and squawk alongsidehim white-flight feathers … Continue reading fancy (flying)

cockie season

as the feast of plums is eaten down from the heights so too must the cockatoos descend they have no desire for the flesh of the golden fruit but grasp it between the claws of one leg while cracking the kernel with the force and sharpness of their beaks a litter of broken kernels all … Continue reading cockie season

benedicted by the day

cockatoos a-flutter in the sky like a string of prayer flags taken wing beneath a sun that alternates the white of whisping clouds with the blue of deepest sky a screech of supplication and a moaning from the wind set a reverence to the day and a warm bask upon my face like heaven with a glow … Continue reading benedicted by the day

sulphur-crested Christmas fools

the cockatoos are swooping around the plums ripening yellow and the sulphur-crested snow-white fools are practiced in the art of bending balance at the end of laden branches nuisance oh yes they are a nuisance the pulpy mess they leave below them is no rose but dotted here and there among the greenery they are … Continue reading sulphur-crested Christmas fools