axeman: the dwindling

the pile that was a mountain that vast expanse of never-ending has been tamed devoured slice by slice to the systematic beating of the splitter transformed from the raw to the dressed and he too has been changed transformed his skills honed an ability to smite developed into the art of division round after round … Continue reading axeman: the dwindling

axeman: a way to the (wooden) heart

he studies the gnarl a mongrelled angled fiddled branch base with no level surface to sit on his block or to face the splitter he has a forty-five degree swing at best recipe for a broken leg if he only manages to strike a glance the easy thing the smart thing would be to discard … Continue reading axeman: a way to the (wooden) heart

axeman: the rotten

here see this wood will be rotten too easy to heft too light there’s nothing there white ants their job done have moved on all they’ve left behind some kind of honeycomb see how wet the log is they prefer the wood moistened but they’ll eat it dry whenever it suits them look here see … Continue reading axeman: the rotten

axeman: fiddle wish wood

wishbone wood doesn’t want to be split axe-man work for your warm wishbone wood has got a fiddleback middle good luck you splitting that axe-man good luck to you a fork in the wood is a wishbone growing like this and like that growing every way that is this and that is that axeman drive … Continue reading axeman: fiddle wish wood

axeman: splitting awareness

the splitting axe is unaware it rises and descends bites and holds or bounces off there is only the wood only the reduction from that down into this the splitting axe the swinging blow is unaware the axe-man meets his rhythm it flows like water in the arc of swing and strike it does not … Continue reading axeman: splitting awareness

axeman: axe time

what is the axe with its edge but another means to conquer slice by slice the wood-round preserved diminuendo the axe is unmoved even as the chips encircle and surround us ready again if required to deliver a blow and in the darkness of the garden shed the rhythm of sleeping is the percussive memory … Continue reading axeman: axe time

axeman: a philosophy of the woodpile

sometimes like life a round of sawn firewood is too damn hard so will it be the axe or the splitter perhaps the wedge and a hammer maybe there is no way to cut through that knot but if you take the round at the outer you can slice after slice it apart and what … Continue reading axeman: a philosophy of the woodpile