Frank’s Bread Recipe

Following on from the episode of my father's bread tins and the runaway flour, LeggyPeggy asked about the recipe, so I thought I might share it today. Below is my original 'baking dish' - a cast iron dutch oven. I've moved along a little since then. Bread Baking Dish Why Bread? I'm not a baker, … Continue reading Frank’s Bread Recipe

In the dough! Adventures with a bread tin (or two)

Well bread, indeed! Today I had a little moment. Not one of my best, I confess. I set out to make a loaf of bread. Nothing very exciting in that. I use a no-knead recipe on a fairly regular basis, and turn out satisfactory loaves, with seeds and or fruit. A little wholemeal. Just so. … Continue reading In the dough! Adventures with a bread tin (or two)

Ayam the Baker’s second loaf

the second loaf of Ayam the baker rose as high as the clouds drew low the first loaf was as golden as the sunshine but the second was twice as tall the second loaf towered filled with grains and with whole flour yes the second loaf baked by Ayam the baker that one towered above … Continue reading Ayam the Baker’s second loaf